Hima Cold Storage company offers state of the art technology for storage of perishable and staple food items with varied shelf life. The cold storage facility is situated just 18 kilometers away from the Main Vegetable Market at Chennai and is easily accessible by road. Hima Cold Storage plans to set up a Cold Storage Infrastructure within Tamilnadu Chennai. A guarantee of maintaining the quality of fruits , vegetables , pulps and flowers means a race against time. The standard of product is determined mainly by the Hima cold storage guarantee the perfect temperature and humidity. Only the best quality raw materials is outsourced from the best companies are used for manufacturing our products. And the other materials used for our production are also sourced from very well known companies as well. We have a very diligent workforce and very advanced machinery to manufacture our products. Because of our time consciousness and other aspects.

Apart from these activities,Hima Cold Storage is also charged with the responsibility of providing Marketing Services for the development of the non-traditional agricultural sector.Hima Cold Storage also provides exporters of non-traditional agricultural products with marketing advice, assistance for sourcing supplies, harvesting, cleaning, packaging and facilitating logistical arrangements for exports.Our competent professionals focus on providing clients one-stop solution, as well as the concerns on service of environmental protection and clients’ benefits.The standard of product is determined mainly by the Hima Cold Storage guarantee the perfect temperature and humidity.The motive of any business is to strive towards customer satisfaction, and we are proud to have an impeccable record of our customer’s satisfaction. We are committed to excellence in the solutions we offer to our customer and the supplies, the executions, the after sales service and everything.